Is there a Deposit to Hold My Wedding Date?

I ask for half of the final balance as your deposit.  This helps to be sure and lock in the day, make travel arrangements, and most likely purchase great new camera gear to make your final video even better.


When Will I Receive My Final Wedding Video?

My workflow is streamlined and efficient, but I also take my time on each and every frame.  Expect about 3-4 weeks until your heirloom package arrives.   


Do You Travel for Weddings? 

There's nothing more dear to me than traveling, and I have ventured all over the country and internationally to capture the big day.  Typically I require airfare and lodging when we travel outside of the Denver area, but often provide discounts for extensive travel outside Colorado to help with your overall costs.


Will I Have Multiple Camera Operators?

Most often I will be filming your wedding solo, but there is always the option to have a second operator, at an extra charge.  After capturing weddings for many years, I've found it's not always necessary to have two shooters, and sometimes an extra camera can be distracting, but depending on your end goal, it can often add a unique perspective, and additional imagery in the end.  


What sort of 'style' is Your Work?

I make it a point to capture every aspect in a non-intrusive, candid photojournalistic style.  That means I try not to be noticed or interfere with anything throughout the day, and let the natural moments with your friends and family unfold as they will.  Of course when I need to lend a hand making a shot be the best it can, I will.  My video editing has been described as "soft, elegant, natural, with a fine-art touch."


Can I Choose the Song for my Wedding Video?

As a filmmaker and life-long musician, I take incredible care and handcrafting your video from start to finish, and choosing the perfect soundtrack is an integral part of the process.  Some songs simply don't work well in cinema, and some are simply meant for it.  You can trust that I'll choose the perfect royalty-free accompaniment to your big day that really fits the mood and style of your wedding.


Have another question?  Feel free to send a message on the contact page.


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